Video Interview: Use a Rock and Roll Mindset to Make Shit Happen

I recently had the amazing opportunity to be a guest on Tosca DeMatteo’s Talk about Tuesday Instagram LIVE show. We had an absolute blast together and Tosca is truly a kindred spirit and really “get it” when it comes to having a ROCK N’ ROLL Mindset!

Key takeaways from this video were:

  • Think it and you’ll become it; what you say MATTERS!
  • Celebrate your mistakes – it’s all part of the process
  • Part of growth is GOING ON TOUR! 
  • Put yourself out there and then worry about getting better 
  • BE YOU on the journey – it is the way to your greatest possibilities 
  • Don’t ask for permission: just do it!  
  • There are no shortcuts, but you can have fun doing it!  
  • Chase your dreams for the love of it – not because you have a stadium of fans
  • Call bullshit on your own, tired scripts!
  • Building deep, meaningful relationships is the key to making your goals become a reality
  • Leverage mastermind groups to help you fill in the holes of what you don’t know

If you want to have a ROCK N’ ROLL Mindset and get started on creating your personal brand and standing out, then contact us today!

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